The Luminary Circle – Exclusive Club for Founders
June, 2023

The Luminary Circle – Exclusive Club for Founders

Illuminating Senior Living – With Incredible Benefits!


Looking for a new senior community in the North Shore? Celebrate your legacy and join the Luminary Circle, a promotion exclusive to only the first residents to join us at Lumia Mequon. The Luminary Circle includes a one-of-a-kind welcome package of benefits, and secures your legacy in the North Shore!

All founding residents of the Luminary Circle receive two brand new Amazon Echo Shows – powerful pieces of technology with a host of functions. With the Echo Show, residents can keep in touch with loved ones and watch their favorite movies and TV shows. It has a high-resolution screen, impressive camera quality, clear and audible speakers, and full touchscreen display.

To pair perfectly with a new Amazon Echo Show system, Lumia Mequon offers a paid two-year subscription to Alexa Together, a versatile virtual assistant. Alexa Together features enhanced video calling capabilities, shrinking the distance between residents and their loved ones. With safety features like fall detection, and voice recognition services like a 24-hour urgent response center, Alexa Together empowers our residents to be comfortable, connected, and confident.

As an added token of our appreciation, we proudly craft nameplates for all Luminary Circle founders to display in the Lumia Mequon Canopy Club Room. These plaques commemorate our very first residents and will remain on display for generations.

As a final cherry on top, we offer our Luminary Circle founders unique Lumia Mequon apparel. We have comfortable options from polo shirts to sweatshirts in all shapes and sizes. Why wait? Schedule a tour of Lumia Mequon today!

Even as spots in the Luminary Circle fill up fast, there is still time to join Lumia Mequon’s founding family. Members will receive all of the added bonuses and benefits of our welcome package- not to mention the highest quality care in our groundbreaking boutique senior living environment.

As Lumia Mequon’s grand opening swiftly approaches, we extend our sincere gratitude to our founding senior residents and our hardworking, dedicated team that elevated the Lumia dream into a reality.

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