Mequon Community Spotlight – Week 2
May, 2023

Mequon Community Spotlight – Week 2

What Makes Mequon Great?

The City of Mequon is a unique and beautiful community, standing as the largest in Ozaukee County, WI. From the responsible handling of the city’s forests and green space, to the historic and charming architecture, to the spirited community events that bring everyone together- there are so many reasons why Lumia Mequon is proud to come from here.

We created Mequon Community Spotlight, a love letter to our city, that enumerates the locations, events, and initiatives that keep Mequon families happy, healthy, and active in our community. Below, you can read through the first full week of Community Spotlight posts. You can also view Mequon Community Spotlight posts on the Lumia Mequon Facebook and Instagram pages, which you can find linked here, or at the bottom of our site page. Let’s dive in!

Beside the lush Mequon Community Park and right down the street from Mequon City Hall lies an important community cornerstone. The Frank L. Weyenberg Library! Its comfortable atmosphere provides the ideal place to allow our vibrant community to delve through generations of stories and gain new knowledge. Lumia Mequon appreciates the time and dedication of staff, who regularly host fun events that bring the community closer together.

Just one of the amazing things about Mequon is the city’s righteous commitment to existing in harmony with nature. The City of Mequon has been a designated Bird City for nearly ten years, taking measures to promote the health and safety of all kinds of birds. To find out how you can help our community’s beloved birds, visit: https://www.ci.mequon.wi.us/community/page/bird-city-wisconsin

The River Club of Mequon is truly a sight to behold! A prime location for the sport of golfing since 1963, its 338-acre plot is home to no less than 27 bold and dynamic holes. The River Club of Mequon hosts many events, and even received an award just last year for hosting beautiful weddings!

Did you know that the Ozaukee Interurban Trail used to be a rail line? Originally built in the early 20th century as an electric passenger railway from Milwaukee to Cedarburg, the project changed throughout the ‘70s to become a nature trail for birders, hikers, and bikers alike. If you have never been to the Ozaukee Interurban Trail, it is one of the most beautiful and relaxing locations in our local community and absolutely worth a visit!

Though our charming city center is historic, an even older natural wonder can be found just beside it. The Milwaukee River! Fed by many tributaries and smaller streams, the Milwaukee River begins in Fond du Lac County, and carves right through the center of Mequon before eventually winding into Lake Michigan. This great river allows our community to fish, boat, and simply enjoy its natural beauty.


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