Mequon Community Spotlight – Week 1
May, 2023

Mequon Community Spotlight – Week 1

What Makes Mequon Great?

The City of Mequon is a unique and beautiful community, standing as the largest in Ozaukee County, WI. From the responsible handling of the city’s forests and green space, to the historic and charming architecture, to the spirited community events that bring everyone together- there are so many reasons why Lumia Mequon is proud to come from here.

We created Mequon Community Spotlight, a love letter to our city, that enumerates the locations, events, and initiatives that keep Mequon families happy, healthy, and active in our community. Below, you can read through the first full week of Community Spotlight posts. You can also view Mequon Community Spotlight posts on the Lumia Mequon Facebook and Instagram pages, which you can find linked here, or at the bottom of our site page. Let’s dive in!

MON, May 15th, 2023 – Lumia Mequon is proud to come from a community invested in the appreciation and preservation of the natural environment. The Mequon Nature Preserve is the perfect place to get active outside. Your dog will love it, too! Join others at the Mequon Nature Preserve on Tuesday, May 23rd, and Tuesday, June 20th, for “Craft and Storytime” to have fun, learn, and hike with the whole family!

TUE, May 16th, 2023 – Did you know that today is National Love a Tree Day? The City of Mequon has the honor and privilege to be named a Tree City USA. This accomplishment is thanks to our community’s responsible management of trees and forests. Trees are vital to the balance of our community and the planet at large, absorbing carbon dioxide and recycling it into clean, breathable air. So get out there and hug a tree today!

WED, May 17th, 2023 – As the summer season approaches in full swing, the Lumia Mequon team recognizes our community’s spectacular community pool! The pool is set to reopen for the season in mid June. Originally constructed in 1933, the Mequon Community Pool has provided a place for people to gather and enjoy the lovely weather every summer.

THU, May 18th, 2023 – Here at Lumia Mequon, we care about community. Join us in taking a moment to observe our beautiful Mequon City Hall! A symbol of strength and unity, the City Hall represents our shining community spirit and the upholding of our shared values. It is only one of the beautiful and captivating structures in our beautiful downtown.

FRI, May 19th, 2023 – In preparation for World Bee Day tomorrow, we at Lumia Mequon want to highlight the importance of bees, not only in our city, but worldwide. These powerhouses of pollination are vital to the spread of flowers and the production of food. Since 2017, the City of Mequon proudly represents Bee City USA, and continues its commitment to support the tiny critters that fuel our ecosystem.


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