Lumia Star Staff – Samantha Sullivan
July, 2023

Lumia Star Staff – Samantha Sullivan

Meeting the Lumia Star Staff

It’s official… Lumia Mequon opens this month! From the laying of the foundation only a year ago up to the very last elegant detail – such progress is truly outstanding! What was once a noble dream is now a reality right here in Mequon. Cultivating a thriving senior community with the highest standard of care required many brilliant minds to achieve. Now, it’s time to let those who dedicated their time and effort into the spotlight.

Can you tell us about your role at Lumia and how long you have been part of the team?  

I’m Samantha, the Community Relations Manager! I conduct complete tours of Lumia Mequon, build rapport with families and incoming residents, and guide residents throughout the entire move in process and beyond. I’m also thoroughly involved in networking and event planning. I’m happy to say I’ve been with the team for over 3 ½ years!

What inspired you to work in the senior living industry, and what do you find most rewarding about your work? 

After I found work in Senior Living, I ended up finding my passion here. The most rewarding would be the relationships I get to build with families and residents. This is a scary, unfamiliar time for many people; so being able to be an educator, provide ease within the transition, and holding hands every step of the way is truly rewarding. I strive to establish the best rapport in order to lower barriers and providing residents with the best options to meet their needs for the longevity of their stay.

What does Illuminating senior living mean to you? 

Illuminating senior living to me means shedding light on what Senior Living can be today. Many individuals have a grave misconception based on the generations in which they were raised: that retiring is uncomfortable and distant. My mission is to educate families and prospects alike, showing them all what our standard of senior living has become to break that stigma.

How does Lumia promote a person-centered approach and individualized care for each resident? 

At Lumia, each resident goes through the process of true needs matching. From the time an inquiry comes in and tour is conducted, through the assessment and development of care plan, and even to the move in process; each step is tailored to meet a resident’s specific needs. No one person has the same needs as the next, and we really do encompass that. We aim for everyone to have their individual needs met in every capacity we are able in the least restrictive and beneficial environment to allow them to maintain as much independence as they are capable of maintaining.

Can you highlight any unique programs or activities at Lumia that contribute to the overall well-being and engagement of the residents? 

Socialization is a key part of your overall well-being, and we provide a variety of options to fill that need. Our calendars are designed to address your overall well-being and are continually re-evaluated to ensure they meet the needs and desires of current residents. In addition to our internal calendars and daily life enrichment activities, we have made several great connections within the community that will enhance and increase the variety of ongoing activities. Dementia specific programming in conjunction with the Alzheimer’s association, intergenerational programming with local schools, fitness programs with local instructors, routine visits from pet therapy providers, etc. Our Memory Care Community has a multi-sensory room that is designed to engage residents by promoting calmness and comfort or enliven through stimulation of the senses.

How do the staff at Lumia collaborate to ensure a high standard of care and a positive living experience for the residents? 

Communication is first and foremost. As a core management team, we are all involved in the entire process of a resident entering our community and each play pivotal roles. In addition to touching base daily, we provide ongoing support, training, and appreciation to our team as a whole. We have a strong team of caring individuals who are all in this for the same reasons: providing our families with the security in knowing their loved ones are taken care of in all aspects, and providing our residents with a community they feel a sense of self, purpose and of course enjoyment and livelihood. A place they can truly call and feel home. We encourage and foster teamwork from management down; everyone pitches in and helps when and where needed.

What would you say to families who are considering Lumia for their loved one? 

We have a beautiful community that offers some amazing amenities and programming, but beyond that we have a core team that truly cares. Our team is one that truly takes the time to build relationships and rapport with every resident and their families. We want your family to be our family and ours to be yours. This is what it means to be a Boutique Community; we are a small community that allows for an intimate experience with thoughtful touches at every turn. When you walk through the front door, you’re not just walking into a community, your walking into a “home” where everyone is welcome and everyone knows you and your loved ones.

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