Lumia Star Staff – Meghan Davis
June, 2023

Lumia Star Staff – Meghan Davis

Meeting the Lumia Star Staff

It’s official… Lumia Mequon opens in only a month! From the laying of the foundation only a year ago up to the very last elegant detail – such progress is truly outstanding! What was once a noble dream is now a reality right here in Mequon. Cultivating a thriving senior community with the highest standard of care required many brilliant minds to achieve. Now, it’s time to let those who dedicated their time and effort into the spotlight.

Can you tell us about your role at Lumia and how long you have been part of the team? 

I’m the Director of Lifestyle. I plan a wide variety of enriching programs and special events at Lumia, coordinate volunteers and entertainment and bring the fun! I joined the team in April 2023, but as a Mequon community member, I have been excitedly watching the building go up for the last year. 

What inspired you to work in the senior living industry, and what do you find most rewarding about your work? 

I am continually inspired by our residents. I love hearing about their life experiences and finding creative ways to integrate that into our programming.  Our seniors have a genuine appreciation for the work I do, and I value the relationships that are formed along the way. Every day is different and I’m learning something new all the time! 

What does Illuminating senior living mean to you? 

Aging isn’t a bad thing, in fact, we’re all doing it! Yet, messaging on the beauty in aging isn’t abundant. I aspire to shine a light on all the ways seniors contribute to our community and showcase how new life, growth, strength and peace are all possible at this stage of life and at Lumia. Seniors have such a rich life history and so much to give. I just want to help their lights shine! 

How does Lumia promote a person-centered approach and individualized care for each resident? 

I often feel like I’m a part-time detective or researcher. I enjoy getting to know our residents, their interests, passions, and abilities and then integrating that knowledge into our programs. Designing programming in that individualized approach allows for greater resident satisfaction and promotes community building as we all get to know one another even better. 

Can you highlight any unique programs or activities at Lumia that contribute to the overall well-being and engagement of the residents? 

Our calendars are thoughtfully designed to address your overall well-being and are continually re-evaluated to ensure they meet the needs and desires of current residents. I’m excited about the connections we’ve been forming within the local community and the partnerships we’re developing.  Routine visits from Concordia University of Wisconsin’s comfort dog, intergenerational programs with children at Elite Sports Club and local schools, programs with music therapists and the Alzheimer’s Association’s Memories in the Making watercolor program, to name a few. Socialization is a key part of your overall well-being and we provide a variety of options to fill that need. Lumia’s memory care has a sensory room that is designed to engage residents by promoting calmness and comfort or enliven through stimulation of the senses. Fitness classes are designed to address balance, strength and endurance, as well as mindfulness and brain health. We also offer opportunities for continued learning through Senior STEM classes, Technology workshops, and speakers on an array of topics.  

How do the staff at Lumia collaborate to ensure a high standard of care and a positive living experience for the residents? 

Communication is key. We’re touching base as a leadership team daily as well as routinely having focused touchpoints with that team and with all staff. Although residents and families aren’t a part of our staff, they are also key contributors in our collaborative process and provide valuable insights in elevating the resident experience. 

What would you say to families who are considering Lumia for their loved one? 

The building and amenities are top of the line and I’m excited to use all the great spaces we have, but I’m most proud of our team of caring staff.  We have a leadership team that truly cares about our seniors and works to really know each of our residents and create a strong community at Lumia.

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