Lumia Celebrates Assisted Living Week
September, 2023

Lumia Celebrates Assisted Living Week

A Season of Reflection

Every year, the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) organizes an exciting weeklong event called National Assisted Living Week. Communities from far and wide come together to show support for seniors, and to raise awareness for the need for responsible and dedicated long-term care. This year’s theme is “Season of Reflection”, a mindful call to action where we may pause and reflect on the most important aspects of our lives. At Lumia, we believe the most illuminating parts of life are the healthy relationships we grow with loved ones, and dedicating service to the greater community we are a part of!

To celebrate senior living and to show our passion for service, Lumia staff participated in fun events every day of the week!

Here are just a few of this week’s photos from the Lumia staff!

Raising awareness for the challenges seniors face and sharing our passion for dedicated, quality care is our reflection this season. Lumia is forming a tight-knit community that keeps growing every day! We are so grateful for the meaningful bonds we have formed with our residents ever since the Grand Opening. Even though aging comes with challenges of its own, with mindfulness, patience, love, and understanding, we are able to illuminate the senior living experience.

What a special time of year! To stay informed about future events, consider following Lumia’s Facebook and Instagram pages!

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